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Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Burnley has left Mauricio Pochettino frustrated with the team’s current position in the Premier League. Despite his claim that they should be in fourth place based on data, Chelsea is currently sitting in 11th place and could potentially drop even further when they face Manchester United.

The draw against Burnley saw Chelsea rise to fourth in the league when it comes to expected goals per match, with a total of two expected goals. However, this highlights the wastefulness of their attacks in front of goal, as they were previously sixth in this metric.

Chelsea’s next opponent, Manchester United, have been struggling defensively and are giving away an average of 17.2 shots per game – the second-worst in the league. Their expected goals against are also high, ranking them fifth in the league. While United’s league position may not accurately reflect their poor defensive performance, Chelsea’s position near the bottom of the table does not accurately reflect their chances during matches.

The upcoming match between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge will be an exciting clash between Pochettino’s attacking force and Ten Hag’s defensive setup. It remains to be seen which side will come out on top in this encounter.

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