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The NFL has recently considered a radical change to kickoffs, and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid expressed his support for the low-impact kickoff rule. This proposal involves having 10 players on each team line up only five yards apart during kickoffs. The Competition Committee presented this idea as a way to decrease injuries while simultaneously increasing the level of excitement in the game.

Reid believes that if the rule passes, it could bring about interesting and exciting changes to the game. He stated that he is in favor of the rule, similar to what has been attempted in the XFL. The outcome of the rule change vote, which requires 24 “yes” votes to pass, is still uncertain. However, it seems that the Chiefs will likely be supporting this proposal.

The proposed change aims to reduce injuries by limiting physical contact between players during kickoffs. It also aims to increase excitement by allowing for more opportunities for players to make tackles and score points. If this rule passes, it could have a significant impact on how kickoffs are played in the NFL.

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