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Luis Lucero, a lawyer with extensive experience in the mining industry and natural resources law, has been appointed as the new Secretary of Mining by the government of Javier Milei. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Economy of the Nation following Flavia Royón’s departure from the position in February.

Lucero holds a Master of Arts degree with honors from University College London (UCL) and completed a Postgraduate Degree in Business Law from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. He also took various specialization courses and seminars, including those related to government policy and corporate strategy in mining at the University of Dundee, negotiation at Harvard Law School, and foundations of organizational sciences at Columbia Business School and the University of Cambridge.

As head of the Mining Secretariat, Lucero will play a crucial role in proposing, executing, and controlling the country’s mining policy. He will also be responsible for interacting with provinces, municipalities, investors, and companies as well as coordinating international cooperation efforts. Argentina has vast geological-mining potential which is currently underutilized. Last year, Argentina exported $4 billion in mining products and it is projected that by 2030 this number could increase conservatively to $20 billion and possibly reach $25 billion with the development of copper projects. Additionally, Argentina has the potential to become the third-largest lithium producer globally as the world shifts towards energy sources with low greenhouse emissions.

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