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The Albemarle Business Center has been selected for the initial round of a million-dollar grant program. This was announced at a recent meeting of the Stanly County Economic Development Commission by director Candice Lowder. The grant program, established by the North Carolina General Assembly and run by the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC), will provide $10 million for the next fiscal year. The aim of the SelectSites Readiness Program is to identify up to 15 sites, with specific criteria regarding size. Along with Badin Business Park and Bradley Industrial Site in Norwood, the Albemarle Business Center, situated in the southern part of the city, was chosen due to its 282 acres and documents that were already classified as SmartSite through Electricities.

Lindsey Almond, director of the Albemarle Economic Development Commission, expressed excitement over the center’s selection and emphasized the benefits that come with being part of the grant program. A site visit was conducted at the Albemarle Business Center in February by a potential company.

Meanwhile, Charles Curcio has been honored with numerous awards for his work in sports journalism during his over 16 years as sports editor for Stanly News & Press. In 2014, he was named CNHI Sports Editor of the Year and received an award from Boone Newspapers. Additionally, he has won four North Carolina Press Association awards throughout his career.

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