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A government panel in Japan has recommended that the country shift its policy focus from crisis-mode stimulus to achieving private sector-driven economic growth. This recommendation comes after the central bank’s decision to end eight years of negative interest rates. The panel believes that a new approach is needed to address the challenges faced by companies, including job shortages.

The report presented at the council’s meeting on Tuesday emphasized the urgent need for policy adjustments to support sustainable economic growth in the private sector. The panel stated that Japan’s economic and fiscal policies must evolve from the crisis-mode approach that was effective when prices were stable, to one that is responsive to rising prices and strengthening growth. This shift is seen as necessary in order to adapt to the changing economic landscape in Japan.

Overall, the panel’s recommendation emphasizes the importance of moving away from short-term crisis measures towards long-term strategies that promote private sector-driven growth. With rising prices, interest rates, and wage growth, Japan must adapt its policies to support businesses facing job shortages and other challenges in the current economic environment. The panel’s report serves as a call to action for the government to implement policy changes that will foster sustainable economic growth in Japan.

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