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A new business alliance has officially launched in downtown Salisbury, with a ribbon cutting ceremony held at the intersection of Main and Division streets. The alliance aims to create a collective voice to support revitalization, economic growth, and mutual support within the community.

The co-chairs of the alliance emphasize the importance of collaboration with local government to address issues such as rental assistance, rental programs, and providing grant assistance to local businesses. They also highlight the need for positive change through working together with other businesses. Nicole Blackwater, one of the co-chairs, expresses her desire for Salisbury to be a collaborative and thriving place for all.

The alliance plans to coordinate events together to bring the community together. Their first event, the Spring Street Market, is scheduled for this Saturday from 12 pm to 5 pm. The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce will support the alliance as they expand their efforts across the city. The alliance aims to bring positive change and growth to downtown Salisbury through unity and cooperation.

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