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Miami University has just kicked off “Stress Less Week,” an initiative aimed at helping students manage their stress and anxiety. With the workload increasing as the semester progresses, many students, like senior Abigail Templin, struggle with self-care. Templin acknowledges that when schoolwork piles up, it can be easy to neglect activities like socializing, exercising, and eating well.

To help students prioritize their mental and emotional well-being, Miami University has organized a variety of events throughout the week. These include therapy dogs, painting and drawing sessions, puzzles, yoga classes, and stress management workshops. Katelyn Howell, Assistant Director for Mental Health Promotion and Education at Miami University, emphasizes the importance of taking time for oneself during this busy season.

For Templin, these events are a reminder that she is not alone in her struggles with mental health on campus. She believes that by coming together as a community and supporting each other through these challenges, students can promote a culture of self-care and mental wellness on campus.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the news world: Moeller graduate Trey McBride is in his third year of playing professional basketball overseas in Europe! It’s amazing to see him fulfilling his dream of making it big in basketball despite being out of college for some time now. Additionally

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