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In Amarillo, Texas, a local business owner is taking action to help dogs find their forever homes. Ruben stays close to home to learn about one such business, Le Chateau Pet Resort, which was founded by Mirelly Armendariz.

Armendariz shared that the idea for the pet resort came from her realization that not all dogs end up in shelters under pleasant circumstances. She wanted to create a fun and enjoyable place for dogs to play and relax, especially for those in shelters whose experiences can be rough.

To address this issue, Armendariz proposed bringing shelter dogs to the pet resort for evaluation and socialization with other dogs. Debra Hall, the facility manager at Amarillo SPCA, expressed gratitude for Le Chateau’s partnership in giving shelter dogs more exposure and opportunities for adoption.

Hall emphasized the importance of programs like this, especially when shelters are full and rescues are overwhelmed with dogs found on the streets. Armendariz also stressed the significance of adopting shelter dogs, as it can help address the ongoing problem of overcrowded shelters and homeless dogs.

Despite initial apprehension, Armendariz highlighted the fact that many shelter dogs make wonderful family pets and protectors once given the chance. By promoting dog adoption through her pet resort, she believes that more dogs can find loving homes and reduce the number of strays on the streets.

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