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LeBron James, a Los Angeles Lakers superstar, recently discussed his feelings about college basketball on the “Mind the Game” podcast with JJ Redick. He revealed that watching his son, Bronny James, play at USC this season causes him more anxiety and stress than anything else in his life.

During the podcast episode, LeBron elaborated on why he finds college basketball increasingly challenging to watch. He criticized some coaches for their decision-making, particularly when they throw the ball into the post for big players who are not skilled in that area. According to him, the ball should only go into the post if it effectively flattens the defense or creates dynamic offensive opportunities.

Bronny had a difficult season at USC after recovering from a health scare at the start of his college career. His stats were modest, and now he must decide whether to declare for the 2024 NBA Draft or return for another season at USC following its transition to the Big Ten. LeBron’s support for his son’s decisions was evident during the recent NBA All-Star Game Weekend when he mentioned that they would go through the draft process and consider all factors before making a choice. Regardless of what Bronny chooses, LeBron is committed to supporting him on his journey.

LeBron expressed that watching a 40-minute college basketball game is hard for him and causes him more anxiety than anything else in his life. Despite this, he understands that it is an important part of his son’s development as a player.

Furthermore, LeBron believes that some coaches have lost sight of what is truly important in basketball – teamwork and chemistry. He criticized coaches who prioritize individual statistics over team success.

In conclusion, LeBron’s comments about college basketball highlight how difficult it can be for parents to watch their children play at such a high level of competition. Despite this, he remains supportive of Bronny and is determined to help him succeed in whatever path he chooses – whether it be college or professional basketball.

Overall, LeBron’s insights into college basketball provide valuable perspective for parents and fans alike. His comments shed light on how much coaching matters in shaping young athletes’ skills and mindsets while also emphasizing the importance of teamwork over individual statistics.

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