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Efforts to persuade the Chiefs to build a new stadium in Kansas are being led by former Kansas House Speaker Ron Ryckman Jr., who is working with unnamed parties. This comes after a failed proposal to fund a renovation of Arrowhead Stadium through an extension of an existing sales tax. The Chiefs’ lease at Arrowhead Stadium expires after the 2030 season, adding urgency to the discussions about their future in Kansas City.

The possibility of the Chiefs relocating within the state is being explored as a potential solution to retaining the team in Kansas. The state legalized sports betting in 2018, and 80 percent of the revenue was allocated to a new fund aimed at attracting professional sports teams to the state, which could reach $10 million by 2025. Additional measures may be considered to use taxpayer money to fund a new stadium.

The challenge will be to devise a plan that does not require voter approval, as demonstrated by the lack of support for subsidizing sports team owners in recent ballot measures. The state has been looking for ways to attract professional sports teams and keep them from leaving for other states or countries.

Ryckman believes that Kansas is in the best position to convince the Chiefs to make a short move across the state line. He believes that if they can offer them incentives and benefits such as tax breaks, low-cost land and access to public transportation, it would be an attractive opportunity for them.

The city council will have a lot of say in this matter, but they are also aware that keeping the Chiefs in Kansas City is essential for its economy and reputation. They are willing to consider any proposals that can help retain one of their biggest employers and attract more visitors and fans.

In conclusion, there is no denying that efforts are being made by all parties involved to keep the Chiefs in Kansas City. However, it remains uncertain whether these efforts will be successful or if they will fall flat once again like previous proposals did. Only time will tell if this new plan will be able to convince Kansans and persuade

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