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Sony has partnered with Inertial Labs to incorporate advanced LiDAR technology into its flagship drone, the Airpeak. The goal of this partnership is to enhance the drone’s capabilities for surveying, mapping, and videography, providing high accuracy and detail in aerial data acquisition.

The collaboration between Inertial Labs and Sony is expected to set new industry standards, as the integration of Inertial Labs’ LiDAR systems into the Airpeak will enhance its ability to create detailed aerial maps and 3D models with exceptional precision. This partnership is seen as a way to innovate drone technology and provide professionals in construction, agriculture, and filmmaking with advanced tools.

Kento Sayama, Deputy Vice President of Imaging Solutions at Sony Electronics, emphasized the alignment between Sony’s vision for Airpeak and Inertial Labs’ expertise in LiDAR and sensor technology. This partnership is viewed as a way to push the boundaries of drone technology and advance the industry.

Jamie Marraccini, CEO of Inertial Labs, expressed excitement about the partnership and the opportunity to explore new possibilities in drone applications. The collaboration with Sony is viewed as a way to revolutionize the industry by offering professionals in various fields a more efficient workflow and improved data accuracy.

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