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I recently had the opportunity to take a luxurious 12-hour business-class flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand. The experience was absolutely phenomenal, and while I enjoyed every moment of it, I couldn’t justify paying such a hefty price again in the near future.

As someone who always dreams of flying first-class or business-class, the appeal of extra space, delicious food, and unlimited champagne is undeniable. However, my budget has its limits, and splurging on such lavish flights is usually out of the question.

My perspective on premium air travel shifted in the summer of 2021 when I was invited by Air New Zealand to visit their headquarters and experience their redesigned cabins firsthand. This invitation granted me the opportunity to fly business class for the first time on the lengthy journey from Los Angeles to Auckland. The 12-hour flight was undoubtedly the most luxurious experience of my life, and while I cherished every moment of it, I knew that it would be a while before I could indulge in such extravagance again.

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