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Giuliani, who was once known as “America’s mayor,” is currently facing a multitude of legal troubles that he himself has created. After declaring bankruptcy following a court ruling that he must pay $148 million for defaming two election workers in Georgia, the former Trump attorney still has several pending court cases. One of the major cases against him is the Fulton County racketeering case, where he is named as a co-defendant alongside his former boss.

According to reports, Giuliani has been confiding in friends about the challenging situation he finds himself in, referring to it as a “nightmare world.” During a recent fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Giuliani was overheard expressing disbelief at his current reality. There have been multiple fundraisers held at the estate recently, with Giuliani possibly hoping that one of them will support him in his legal battles.

Despite the ongoing legal issues and financial strain, Giuliani did not provide a comment in response to the inquiries made by the New York Post. It appears that he is seeking support and assistance through fundraising events in hopes of turning things around for himself.

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