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India’s economy has grown rapidly over the past decade, making it the fifth-largest in the world. The World Bank has recognized the country as a leader in growth within South Asia. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been widely credited with much of this success.

As India approaches general elections, Modi is looking to leverage the nation’s economic growth to secure a third term in office. While many Indians have reported experiencing improvements under his administration, there are concerns about income inequality within the country.

Meanwhile, other countries are also investing heavily in sustainability efforts. For example, the United States is committing significant funds to cleaning up industrial sites around the world. This global commitment to environmental responsibility highlights a growing awareness of the importance of protecting our planet for future generations.

In other news, Microsoft has announced that users will now need to purchase Microsoft Office separately from the Teams app. This change may impact millions of users worldwide and could have significant implications for productivity and collaboration in many industries.

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