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In a recent interview, I had the privilege of speaking with David Zuckerman, founder and president of the Healthcare Anchor Network. Our conversation centered on the ways in which hospitals and health systems are contributing to the development of healthier communities through impact investments. These investments aim to improve housing, food access, transportation, infrastructure, and economic opportunities within the community.

The Healthcare Anchor Network collaborates with hospitals and health systems across the nation that have integrated the anchor mission framework into their practices. According to David, this key strategy involves identifying areas where business challenges align with community needs and developing strategies that address both aspects simultaneously.

David shared several examples of impact investment and place-based investment approaches, emphasizing their dual purpose of generating financial returns while also producing social impact within the community. He highlighted how these investments can positively affect community health by improving factors such as housing stability and employment opportunities, which have been linked to overall well-being in research studies.

Overall, I found our conversation insightful and informative. I hope you tune in for more discussions like this on a monthly basis as part of The Chair File series. Please watch the full episode below for more information on this topic.

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