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For 50 years, Tatnuck Meat and Seafood in Worcester has been a staple in the community, known for its wide variety of meats and seafood. However, the shop, located at the corner of Pleasant and Mill streets, is now closed permanently due to declining business and the health issues of owner Harvey Slarskey.

Harvey started Tatnuck Meats Market in his 30s, building a reputation for providing quality products and building personal relationships with his customers. In 2011, seafood was added to the offerings, expanding the selection to include fresh fish and shellfish. Over the years, Harvey emphasized customer satisfaction and quality products in interviews.

Michael Slarskey, Harvey’s son who stepped in to help three years ago, expressed gratitude to their loyal customers throughout the years. The decision to close was a difficult one as it marked the end of an era that had been a part of their lives for so long. Despite challenges running a small business, Harvey remained committed to maintaining high standards until he was forced to make the tough decision to close down.

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