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Bruno Le Maire has called on EDF to renegotiate contracts signed with small and medium-sized companies during the energy crisis. The Minister of Energy announced that the group is committed to renegotiating contracts that were signed at the highest prices, which is crucial for the companies involved. This commitment was confirmed by Bruno Le Maire after participating in the EDF executive committee, marking the first time a minister has done so since the group was completely nationalized in June 2023.

The Confederation of French Traders (CDF) has raised concerns about the pricing conditions of companies locked into long-term electricity contracts signed at peak prices during the 2022 energy price surge. These contracts are now considered unfair due to the significant drop in energy prices since then. Professional organizations like the CDF, the Group of Hotels and Restaurants of France (GHR), and the Union of Hotel Trades and Industries (UMIH) have urged the government to intervene and facilitate negotiations with electricity suppliers to adjust pricing.

According to the CDF, many small businesses are paying extremely high electricity prices compared to the current market rates, despite the drop in the cost of energy. The minister has also called on EDF to mobilize resources to ensure

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