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Fear of bridges collapsing is a common diagnosis, with many individuals experiencing anxiety when crossing them. The recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, caused by a ship crash, has only heightened this fear for some. Six workers who were missing are presumed to be dead as a result of the collapse.

Mental health therapist Jay Powell explains that fear of bridges collapsing can trigger confirmation anxiety, where one’s worst fear is confirmed before their eyes. He suggests coping mechanisms such as focusing on a local point or listening to music to help manage symptoms like nausea or dizziness.

In Jacksonville, residents shared their feelings about traveling across bridges in the city. While some, like Neil Weinreb, expressed a sense of anxiety going over high bridges like the Dames Point Bridge, others, like Bernard Tebo, raised concerns about maritime traffic potentially hitting bridges. Despite these fears, most believe that the bridges in Jacksonville are well-inspected and reasonably safe for travel.

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