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Croatian IT company Span recently finalized a deal to purchase 30 percent of the business share in Bonsai, with the transaction valued at 750 thousand euros. By acquiring the remaining 30 percent, Span gained 100 percent ownership of Bonsai and announced plans to merge the two companies. Additionally, Span intends to merge its related company Ekobit, which is currently owned entirely by Span.

The integration of Bonsai and Ekobit into Span will allow the company to streamline its software and AI solutions offerings. The goal is to present a cohesive and unique brand on the market. Along with cloud and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence is identified as a key strategic focus for Span moving forward.

According to Span’s CEO Nikola Dujmovi, artificial intelligence is no longer just a topic of discussion but is actively being integrated into businesses. The merger will strengthen Span’s AI offerings in key business segments and is expected to drive significant profits in the future. Businesses are exploring how AI-based solutions can enhance operations and processes, with the availability of generative artificial intelligence speeding up this process.

The target date for the merger to take effect is the end of the second quarter of 2024. Following this, Bonsai and Ekobit will operate under the unified Span brand. The integration of these companies will allow for more efficient use of resources, increased revenue streams, and improved customer service. With its new offerings, Span aims to become a leading provider of software solutions in Croatia and beyond.

Overall, this merger represents an important step forward for both Bonsai and Ekobit as well as for Spain’s IT industry as a whole. As AI continues to grow in importance across industries, it’s clear that companies like Spain that are able to adapt quickly will be well positioned for success in the future.

In conclusion, Croatian IT company Spain has recently finalized a deal to acquire 30 percent ownership stake in Bonsai while purchasing Ekobit outright from its current owners span . The move allows them to integrate their businesses under one umbrella brand – span . By doing so they aim to streamline their software and AI solution offerings while positioning themselves as leaders in Croatia’s IT industry.

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