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In Tyler, Texas, the Panola County Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Spring Youth Sports Closet event to make it easier for kids to participate in sports. Many parents struggle to afford all the necessary items for their children’s sports equipment and uniforms, so several groups in Panola County have come together to help.

Keri Perot Vance, the executive director of the Panola County Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the importance of community involvement in supporting youth sports. By providing essential resources, they hope to encourage young athletes to stay in the area and continue developing their skills.

The Carthage Service League, a local thrift shop, has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to donate items to the sports closet. This partnership has made it easier for kids in need to access sporting equipment and gear. Janet Humber, President of Carthage Service League, expressed their commitment to continue supporting the sports closet and helping kids in their community.

The goal of the Spring Youth Sports Closet event is to provide a centralized location where kids can receive the equipment they need for sports participation. The group Excellent Teen Choice led by Sharon Roberson-Jones hopes that their efforts will inspire other counties to create similar opportunities for young athletes. Donations are accepted year-round, and the closet is open during major sports seasons. The event concludes on May 24th. Anyone interested in donating or picking up youth baseball or softball equipment should contact Panola County Chamber of Commerce in Carthage directly.

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