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The topic of farm profitability and technology adoption in Brazil is a hotly debated issue within the agricultural industry. While Brazilian farmers tend to be more profitable than their U.S. counterparts, there are several factors that contribute to this. One such factor is the country’s weather and land ownership, with Brazilian farmers often owning their land at a higher rate than U.S. farmers and being able to grow multiple crops in a single year.

However, when it comes to productivity, U.S. farmers are known to excel, thanks in part to their quick adoption of new seeds, genetics, crop protection, and biological tools. In contrast, digital adoption in Brazil seems to lag behind, with a lower percentage of farmers utilizing tools like FieldView or John Deere Ops Center compared to their American counterparts.

Despite these differences, Lavoro Agro, Latin America’s largest agricultural retailer, recognizes the potential for improvement when it comes to digital adoption in Brazil. By fully embracing technology, Brazilian farmers could potentially increase their productivity and profitability even further, placing them at the forefront of the global agricultural market.

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