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According to reports from Bloomberg and analyst Mark Gurman, Apple is looking into the possibility of “personal robots” as a potential next big thing. One of the projects under this initiative involves a personal robot that can follow users around their homes. This represents a significant expansion of Apple’s interests beyond its current popular products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, into the realm of home robotics.

Sources close to the project reveal that Apple engineers are working on a mobile robot that can move around different rooms in a house with users. The details of the project are still being kept confidential as the company continues its development. In addition to the mobile companion, Apple is also working on a tabletop device with robotic elements that can move a display, further advancing the vision for technology in the home of the future.

Both projects are still in their early stages of research and development, and it remains uncertain whether they will become part of Apple’s commercial offerings. However, Apple remains committed to exploring new technological frontiers and maintaining its position as an innovation leader. Following the closure of the Apple Car project, the company is now focusing on new areas of development, including artificial intelligence in iOS 18.

Meanwhile, there has been an increasing focus on sports news across various platforms such as, Notion, and other websites. These platforms provide updates and information on various sporting events and games for users to stay informed.

Overall, it seems that Apple is diversifying its product offerings beyond just consumer electronics and expanding into new areas such as robotics and AI-powered devices.

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