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Apple, the American technology giant, has announced plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technology from the Chinese tech giant Baidu into its upcoming devices targeted at the Asian market. This collaboration will focus on updates to the iPhone16 and Mac operating system, as well as iOS18. According to sources, Apple chose Baidu over other options, including Alibaba, due to Baidu’s popularity in China as the most widely used search engine where Google is blocked.

In China, several technology giants like Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba have presented AI-based services. However, concerns have been raised about the application of this technology in the country due to strict censorship imposed by authorities. To ensure compliance with information security and protection of personal data regulations, additional regulations have been approved for generative AI services in China. These regulations aim to prevent content that may threaten national security or social stability from being generated.

Apple has faced regulatory hurdles in China before, leading it to choose a local AI service provider for its devices sold in the country. The company couldn’t achieve this goal quickly enough outside of China, so they selected Baidu for its popularity in China’s market. Outside of China, Apple continues to develop AI applications internally by Cupertino company. After news broke of this partnership between Apple and Baidu, shares of Baidu rose on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange where it is listed.

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