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In recent news, the Hamilton County Health Department has released its 2024 A Picture of Our Health Community Health Assessment. This report, published every 4-5 years, focuses on eight key factors that impact the overall health of residents in Hamilton County. These factors include access to health care and health care coverage, environmental health, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, mental health, injuries, substance abuse, and vulnerable populations.

The report offers a detailed description of the health status of Hamilton County residents. Moving forward, the Health Department and the Regional Health Council will collaborate to develop strategies aimed at improving the community’s health and well-being. They will also identify health priorities and engage the community in addressing these issues. The Health Department’s Epidemiology Department plans to release more informational materials on the topics covered in A Picture of Our Health. Additionally, a data dashboard will be created and published in the coming years to provide the community with accurate and timely local health information.

Dr. Dawn Ford, the Epidemiology Department Manager, highlighted the importance of this 175-page assessment in identifying ways to reduce disease prevalence in the community. She hopes that community members will make positive changes in their behaviors such as exercising more, eating better nutrition options and quitting smoking to improve their overall health outcomes.

This comprehensive report is an important tool for understanding the current state of public health in Hamilton County and for identifying areas where improvements can be made. By working together to develop effective strategies and prioritize public health issues, we can help create a stronger and more healthy community for all residents.

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