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Figure skaters are renowned for their awe-inspiring maneuvers, including the axels, lutzes, and salchows. These jumps and twists are essential to their profession, even for young children. Executing such moves on ice while wearing boots with thin blades defies basic rules of nature and physics. The complexity of these maneuvers is further extended by the addition of the term “quad,” which refers to a quadruple or times four.

Despite the inherent risks involved in attempting such a feat, 19-year-old American skater Ilia Malinin managed to execute the quadruple axel six times to win the World Figure Skating Championship in Montreal. Malinin described his performance as one of the best of his life but also acknowledged that it could have gone disastrously wrong.

The Washington Post described Malinin’s performance as jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, and gob-smacking, breaking scoring records for the program. Malinin’s achievement was set to the haunting soundtrack of “Succession,” making it an unforgettable moment in figure skating history. This feat of athleticism and skill left fans watching in awe as Malinin made history with his performance.

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