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Mayor Pro-Tem Everardo Zamora will serve as mayor of Uvalde, Texas until a new one is elected on November 5th. The resignation of Cody Smith, the current mayor, was announced due to undisclosed health issues. Smith, who was elected in November following the 2022 school shooting at Robb Elementary School, ran on a platform of helping the city recover. His resignation comes just before a City Council meeting that may involve discussions about the school shooting.

The Uvalde community has been calling for accountability and justice in the wake of the school shooting. A report by the Department of Justice pointed out several failures in the response to the shooting, and a separate report cleared the police of any wrongdoing, much to the dismay of parents and residents.

Brett Cross, a father who lost his son in the shooting, expressed disappointment in Mayor Smith’s resignation. He believed that Smith was starting to communicate with the families affected by the tragedy and work towards improving the community and achieving justice.

Next month marks two years since the tragic events at Robb Elementary School. The Uvalde community continues to grapple with the aftermath of the shooting and the need for accountability and transparency from local leaders and law enforcement.

In February 2023, Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez also announced his resignation effective early April. This news adds to ongoing calls for change within law enforcement agencies across Texas and nationwide.

The departure of both Mayor Smith and Police Chief Rodriguez leaves questions about leadership changes within city government. The upcoming election for mayor will be closely watched by residents as they seek new leadership that can address their concerns about recovery from trauma.

As Uvalde continues to heal from its traumatic past year, it remains clear that change is needed at every level – from local government officials to law enforcement agencies – if true accountability is ever going to be achieved for those affected by this tragedy.

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