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Map displays areas in danger from extreme heat impacting health Criminal Association: Donald Trump Faces Historic Trial 7 fruits that are beneficial for individuals with fatty liver disease Temporary Unemployment at Volvo Car Gent for Four Days Next Week Arrest of German MEP employee suspected of spying for China Group and Capital A, the parent company of AirAsia, have established a strategic partnership that spans across various lines of business. This collaboration includes flights, accommodations, attractions, tickets, car-hailing, and payments. The partnership builds upon the initial agreement made by the two companies in 2020.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A, expressed excitement about involving AirAsia and BigPay in the partnership. The collaboration aims to promote AirAsia flights and ancillary services on Group’s platforms. Additionally, it focuses on expanding AirAsia’s inventory and growth plans in China and introducing Group’s customer base to the ASEAN region.

Apart from working together on various offerings, the two companies also plan to collaborate on customer service and payments. Group’s payment subsidiary, TripLink, will provide payment solutions for AirAsia Aviation Group. Jane Sun, CEO of Group, emphasized the significance of the long-standing relationship with Capital A and the benefits of the strategic partnership. Sun highlighted the positive outcomes observed since the initial agreement in 2020 and expressed enthusiasm about leveraging Group’s process improvements and customer experiences in collaboration with Capital A.

The partnership between Group and Capital A signifies a strong commitment to growing and enhancing the tourism industry

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