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In the afternoon of Tuesday, a fire ravaged Tri-State Lawn Care in Flatwoods, Kentucky, a subsidiary of Tri-State Enterprise. The owner, Michael Wheeler, was left in shock as he watched years of hard work disappear in minutes. The feeling was one of numbness and disbelief as he struggled to process the event.

Wheeler described the fire as a devastating blow to his business and personal life. Despite the destruction, he expressed his determination to rebuild and find solutions to overcome the challenges ahead. He emphasized the importance of looking towards the future with positivity and resilience.

Tri-State Lawn Care had been serving the community for many years, and Wheeler remains hopeful about its future. He expressed his gratitude to the firefighters and the community for their support throughout the years, particularly during this difficult time.

Flatwoods Fire Chief Brent Dean reported that three to four people were inside when the fire broke out on Argillite Road. Fortunately, everyone escaped unharmed. However, Wheeler is still struggling to come to terms with what happened and feels overwhelmed by the magnitude of his loss.

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