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Alexander Tarasenko, the chief state sanitary doctor of Belarus, has issued a ban on the import and sale of products from the “Ararat Brandy Factory” LLC due to inconsistencies in their production. The ban includes the import, storage, transportation, sale and use of all products manufactured by the factory. This action was taken after a dye was discovered in one of their products that did not meet regulatory standards.

The dye was found to be potentially harmful to consumers and all products from the factory have been required to be removed from the market immediately. The factory, which is known for producing wine and brandy, will undergo further monitoring and inspections to ensure compliance with all sanitary regulations moving forward.

It is essential to prioritize public health and safety when it comes to food and beverage production and this ban serves as a necessary measure to protect consumers from potentially harmful products. As a result of this ban, it is important for consumers to check their pantry for any Ararat Brandy Factory products and dispose of them properly.

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