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Texas has consistently set the standard for economic success in the United States, with its growth outpacing the rest of the country. Governor Greg Abbott attributes this success to the state’s business-friendly climate and strong workforce, highlighting the opportunities available to hardworking Texans in every region of the state.

In 2023, Texas had an annual GDP growth rate of 5% in the fourth quarter, demonstrating its ability to thrive in a competitive market. Governor Abbott’s commitment to investing in education, workforce development, and infrastructure reflects his vision for a bigger and better Texas for the future. As a result, Texas is now recognized as one of the top eight economies globally and a leader in economic growth.

Notably, Texas has also earned the title of “The nation’s undisputed jobs leader,” further solidifying its position as a hub of opportunity and prosperity. The state continues to prioritize economic development and job creation, making it clear that effective leadership and policies have a significant impact on economic growth.

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