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In an interview on Monday, François Bayrou called for a targeted increase in taxes, a demand that his party, MoDem, has been advocating for years. However, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has refused this proposal. Bayrou believes that it is crucial for the government and parliamentarians to engage in open dialogue about this topic, especially given the potential for a higher public deficit in 2023 than initially forecast.

When asked about the possibility of taxing companies with “super profits” or “super dividends,” Bayrou highlighted that his party had already proposed similar measures in previous budgetary years. He emphasized the importance of implementing rebalancing measures that target those with the most means, particularly those who have been impacted by the crisis. Bayrou also stressed that such measures should not harm France’s appeal to investors.

Bayrou expressed his opposition to a proposed reform of unemployment insurance that aims to reduce the duration of compensation. He argued that blaming the unemployed for unemployment is misguided and not fair, especially considering that many individuals may have lost work skills over time. Bayrou suggested that a different approach to reforming unemployment insurance is necessary and more effective.

In conclusion, François Bayrou’s call for discussions on tax hikes and his opposition to proposed reforms of unemployment insurance reflect MoDem’s ongoing efforts to address economic challenges in France while ensuring social justice and equality.

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