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The confrontation between the government and Stellantis has progressed to the second phase, with a focus on analyzing the production situation and workforce of individual factories in Italy. Stellantis has confirmed that five models will be produced in Melfi, but social partners are urging the government to unify the discussion table and move it to Palazzo Chigi for clarity on the future of the automotive sector.

The Minister of Business, Adolfo Urso, has announced that several car manufacturers have expressed interest in investing in Italy. He emphasizes that now it is up to Stellantis to demonstrate commitment to the future of the industry. The recent roundtable at Mimit focused on activities from various working groups, and a second phase is now underway to analyze each plant individually.

Unions have different positions, with some advocating for a national negotiation table at Palazzo Chigi. They highlight the importance of hybrid models alongside electric vehicles and call for protecting workers most at risk of job loss. The goal is to ensure at least one million cars produced annually, including commercial vehicles, to maintain industrial stability.

Meetings will continue to discuss specific plants, shifting focus from Mirafiori on Wednesday to Atessa on Thursday. These discussions aim to find solutions that will secure future growth and stability in Italy’s automotive industry.

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