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Squishmallows, the popular plush toy line from Jazwares, is being sued by Build-A-Bear Workshop for copyright infringement. The suit claims that Build-A-Bear’s Skoosherz is too similar to Jazwares’ egg-shaped cushion animals, and that the two companies are engaged in a legal battle over intellectual property rights.

Jazwares has filed a lawsuit against Chinese online retailer Alibaba for allegedly selling counterfeit toys. Their lawyer, Moez Kaba, stated that “imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery” when it comes to intellectual property rights.

The legal dispute between these two companies will be more serious than a pillow fight, with both sides fighting for their right to market and sell their products. Squishmallows became popular during the pandemic as people bought comforting items for their homes and went viral on TikTok. They were also endorsed by celebrities and now include over 1,000 different versions of plush toys.

Build-A-Bear released Skoosherz in preparation for Valentine’s Day, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of soft toys. However, they have not yet responded to requests for comment regarding the lawsuit against Jazwares. It remains to be seen how this legal battle will unfold and what the outcome will be for both companies.

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