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Alessandra Todde, the newly-elected president of the Sardinia Region, is currently in the process of finalizing an agreement with the centre-left Campo Largo parties on the formation of a new council. The selection of councilors will be guided by criteria such as competence, gender equality, representativeness, and territoriality.

The Democratic Party, which is part of the coalition, has expressed its interest in securing key positions within the council. Names for the presidency and vice-presidency of the council, as well as various department heads, are expected to be proposed to Todde by the Democratic Party in the near future.

Meanwhile, other parties within the coalition have also expressed their interests in certain positions. For instance, Alleanza Verdi Sinistra could be responsible for public works while Orizzonte Comune seeks control over Tourism, Crafts and Commerce. Sinistra Futura aims to oversee the Department of Culture and Public Education.

Todde and her team are working hard to ensure that each party’s interests are taken into account while creating a diverse council that represents all aspects of Sardinian society. They hope to have everything sorted out soon so that they can begin working towards a better future for Sardinia.

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