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The Salvadoran government has announced a major military operation to combat gang-related criminal activities in the north of the country. This decision comes after two homicides in the region, and the apprehension of members of the 18 Sureños gang. Nayib Bukele, who was re-elected president, took to social media to inform the public about the operation aimed at dismantling criminal activities in specific neighborhoods.

The current operation mirrors a similar one conducted in August last year in the Cabañas region, an area known for gang dominance. In that operation, eight thousand individuals, including police and military personnel, participated and resulted in the arrest of key criminals. Bukele’s administration has been dedicated to fighting organized crime since coming into power in 2019, which has significantly decreased the country’s homicide rate over the years.

El Salvador once had a reputation as one of the most dangerous countries in the world with a high homicide rate. However, due to Bukele’s tough stance on crime and his commitment to law and order, there has been a significant drop in crime rates. The government’s focus on security has led to tens of thousands of criminals being arrested and a special jail being established for gang members.

Bukele’s governance has been defined by his commitment to ensuring public safety and reducing crime rates. His initiatives have earned him widespread popular support among citizens who appreciate his efforts to make their communities safer. Internationally, Bukele’s governance has garnered recognition for his dedication to fighting organized crime and improving security measures.

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