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In the face of financial challenges, Eastern Finland’s companies remain steadfast in their beliefs and aspirations. However, the region is facing significant obstacles due to the deteriorating state of Finland’s public finances. The impact of Russia’s aggression has been particularly severe in Eastern Finland, as the complete closure of the Russian border has left a major dent in the region’s economy.

In response to these challenges, the Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry (EK) has proposed a series of recommendations to stimulate economic growth and vitality in Eastern Finland. Harry Broman, Chairman of EC, believes that Eastern Finland should be designated as a special economic zone to promote business activities and accelerate economic growth in the region.

Broman emphasizes the gravity of the situation in Eastern Finland and calls on public authorities to play a central role in supporting it. The proposed special economic zone aims to create a thriving and growing economy in Eastern Finland that will contribute positively to the overall GDP of the country.

To achieve this goal, investments in energy transition, green infrastructure, improved air connections, tourism development, broadband connectivity infrastructure, and support for company growth are necessary. Collaboration with neighboring countries and EU support will also be crucial in strengthening Russia’s neighboring countries’ positions.

The situation in Eastern Finland requires solidarity from Europe similar to that provided during the corona crisis. As such, it is essential to take realistic steps to support its growth and development while addressing economic and security concerns that affect it. Overall, Broman’s plan for a special economic zone aims to address these challenges and set up sustainable growth prospects for Eastern Finland.

In conclusion, Broman’s proposal is aimed at promoting business activities and accelerating economic growth by creating a healthy growing economy that will contribute positively to GDP. By investing in energy transition, green infrastructure improvements, improved air connections tourism development broadband connectivity infrastructure support for company growth collaborating with public authorities neighboring countries EU support we can address these challenges while ensuring sustainable future prospects for eastern Finland

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