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A new study published in the journal JAMA Network Open has shed light on the connection between sports gambling and binge drinking. Conducted by researchers from UNLV and the University of New Mexico, the study surveyed over 4,300 adults across the U.S. over a three-week period in spring 2022.

Of those surveyed, nearly 3,300 reported past year alcohol use, while about 1,800 identified as sports gamblers who had bet on sporting events in the past year. The research team found that sports gamblers were 1.9 times more likely to report binge drinking compared to non-gamblers and gamblers who do not bet on sports.

Binge drinking is defined as consuming five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women at a single time. This study adds to existing research that shows a connection between substance misuse and sports betting, suggesting that risky gambling behaviors may also lead to risky alcohol consumption.

Study co-author Shane W. Kraus, a professor of psychology and director of the UNLV Behavioral Addictions Lab, emphasized the need for more education to inform people about the potential risks of heavy alcohol use while participating in sports betting. “It’s important for individuals to be aware of how their behavior can impact their health,” said Kraus. “This study highlights the potential dangers of combining risky behaviors like heavy alcohol use with risky gambling.”

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