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Steve McMichael, the newly inducted member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was once again hospitalized this week. The news was shared by Jarrett Payton, son of McMichael’s former teammate, Walter Payton, who stated that his father is undergoing tests while in the hospital. This comes after McMichael was previously hospitalized for over a week in February due to multiple health issues.

McMichael, a legendary defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears for 13 seasons, had a successful career in the NFL. He played a crucial role in the legendary 1985 Bears defense and is considered one of the best in history. After leaving the Bears, he spent his final season with the Green Bay Packers. However, at 66 years old, McMichael has been battling ALS since being diagnosed in 2021. Despite his health struggles, his induction into the Hall of Fame earlier this year marked a significant milestone in his football legacy.

Fans and former teammates alike continue to rally in support of McMichael during this challenging time. As he battles ALS at such an advanced age, it is clear that he will always be remembered as one of football’s greatest players and most beloved personalities.

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