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Amit Soussana, a renowned Israeli lawyer, was kidnapped from her home on October 7 and subjected to unspeakable violence during her 55-day captivity in Gaza. Despite being beaten and taken to the territory against her will, she remained resilient and spoke out about her experiences after being released in late November.

During her captivity, Soussana was repeatedly sexually assaulted at gunpoint by a guard who would come into her cell and touch her inappropriately. She described being chained alone in a small room, where she was subjected to physical violence as well as sexual assault. Despite pretending to be treated well by her captors, Soussana knew that what she was experiencing was nothing short of torture.

After being released, Soussana sought medical attention and spoke to a UN team about the sexual assault she had endured. However, Hamas spokesman questioned the validity of her detailed account, claiming that Hamas does not condone mistreatment of any human being. He maintained that the raid on October 7 was not aimed at civilian hostages but rather targeted multiple Israeli villages, causing devastation and loss of life.

Soussana’s bravery in speaking out about her experience has brought attention to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Her story serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there are those who will stand up for their rights and fight for justice.

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