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Two exceptional students from Iona Prep were recognized for their outstanding work at the 2024 Regeneron Westchester Science & Engineering Fair. Senior Aydan Gerber received a Division Award in Behavioral Science for his algorithm that used Python to conduct keyword-frequency analysis and Latent Dirichlet Allocation to identify significant topics of discussion under the #sustainability hashtag on Twitter. Meanwhile, junior Mateo Del Rio Lanse earned a Division Award in Computer Science for his project that aimed to improve machine-learning rates by developing three convolutional neural networks (CNNs) that can screen for tumors in brain scans.

The Regeneron Westchester Science & Engineering Fair (WESEF) is a renowned platform that encourages students to engage in hands-on scientific research, allowing them to showcase their work. The top 20 projects from the fair will advance to the Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair. Through their innovative projects and recognition at the fair, Aydan Gerber and Mateo Del Rio Lanse are setting an example for others while contributing to the future of science and technology.

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