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Hungary has maintained a close relationship with Russia, opposing sending additional funds and weapons to Kyiv. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has kept in touch with Russian President Vladimir Putin, even congratulating him on his recent election victory, which many Western countries viewed as fraudulent.

Szijjártó emphasized that Hungary would not be sending weapons or soldiers to Ukraine and stressed the importance of using caution when considering the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine on behalf of NATO member states. The Hungarian foreign minister highlighted the importance of open communication channels with Russia, stating that Putin and Orbán are able to hold talks whenever necessary. This demonstrates Hungary’s stance on maintaining diplomatic relations with Russia, despite the conflicts and tensions in the region.

Szijjártó also emphasized that Hungary is committed to upholding its NATO obligations while also maintaining good relations with Russia. He stated that any military action taken by NATO member states should be carefully considered and coordinated with other members of the alliance, as well as with international partners.

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