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In a recent statement, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield emphasized the importance of regulating artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent potential risks such as disruption of democratic processes, fraud, and job losses. This sentiment was echoed by all 193 members of the UN General Assembly who made a collective decision to take control of AI rather than allowing it to control them.

Last November, several countries including the US and UK introduced an international agreement aimed at safeguarding AI from counterfeiting. The European Union has taken a lead in regulating AI, while the Biden administration has been pushing for lawmakers in the US to act on AI regulation. However, progress has been slow due to political polarization.

In response to these concerns, the White House issued an executive order in October which provided a foundation of principles to guide future steps in the use of artificial intelligence. Despite some opposition during negotiations, the US administration remains engaged with countries that have differing views on AI regulation.

Meanwhile, governments worldwide continue to explore AI technologies for various applications. Recent reports from Microsoft detailed espionage attempts by hackers using AI software in China and Russia. While China disputed these allegations, Russia did not respond to requests for comment. As such, the global landscape of AI regulation and security measures continues to evolve as countries navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence technologies.

Overall, it is clear that governments are taking action to address potential risks associated with AI development and use. While there may be some disagreements on how best to approach this issue, it is important for all stakeholders involved to work together towards finding a solution that benefits everyone involved.

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