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During a session of the HDZ presidency, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković addressed the ongoing election campaign and stated that they had analyzed their progress. He highlighted Croatia’s GDP growth levels, which are comparable to Hungary’s, which joined the EU nine years ago. Plenković also announced his plans to increase pensions to an average of at least 760 euros and expressed optimism about Croatia’s goal to join the OECD in two years.

The Prime Minister emphasized the significance of the upcoming elections and urged voters to choose between continuing to trust in his leadership or taking a risk with other candidates. He dismissed criticisms related to the number of women on the lists and accused violators of breaking the Constitution. The campaign strategy was outlined, including various activities such as meetings and social media engagement.

When asked about his response to interviews and criticism from political opponents, Plenković remained firm in his stance, asserting that his party had led Croatia towards growth and progress in all areas. He dismissed Milanović’s actions and statements as insignificant and expressed confidence in his party’s ability to win. The Prime Minister expressed indifference towards Milanovć’s tactics and hinted at a changing political landscape.

In conclusion, Plenković emphasized democratic principles and fair play in politics while expressing confidence in Croatian citizens’ choices. He reiterated their commitment to transparent and legal campaign practices while highlighting their achievement of comparable GDP growth levels with Hungary’s nine years ago.

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