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Alexander Bastrykin, the chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee, has presented a report to President Vladimir Putin regarding the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall. According to Bastrykin, the attack resulted in 139 victims, with 75 of them identified and 182 people injured. The process of identifying the deceased is still ongoing.

President Putin expressed his concern for those affected by the attack and called for an investigation into not only who carried out the attack but also who ordered it. He emphasized that intelligence services and law enforcement agencies must work together to uncover the truth behind this atrocity.

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Overall, it is crucial that we remain focused on investigating those responsible for this heinous crime and working towards justice for the victims. We must remember that preventative measures can only be taken if we understand what led to this tragedy in the first place.

In conclusion, Alexander Bastrykin’s report on the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall serves as a reminder of how important it is to investigate those responsible for such atrocities. President Putin has emphasized this point by calling for an investigation into both who carried out and who ordered

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