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European leaders at a summit in Brussels called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, urging Israel and Hamas to halt hostilities. The call for peace came after reports suggested that Germany played a key role in changing the wording of the joint announcement, making it more stringent from Israel’s perspective. Pro-Israel countries like Austria and Hungary also supported this shift, putting pressure on Israel amidst talks of a potential military operation in Rafah.

The European statement highlighted the importance of UNRWA’s work in Gaza, contrary to Israeli demands to dismantle the organization. It also mentioned ongoing hearings at the International Court of Justice and called for an increase in humanitarian aid, emphasizing the need to avoid an invasion of Rafah and secure the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

A group of pro-Palestinian EU countries, including Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, and Malta, discussed the possibility of unilaterally recognizing a Palestinian state. This move reflects a broader shift in European sentiment, driven by concerns about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and Israel’s perceived reluctance to seek a peaceful resolution.

Several European nations have halted arms sales to Israel since the conflict began, with calls for further restrictions on defense exports and research funding related to drones and UAVs in Israel. Efforts are also underway to suspend association agreements between the EU and Israel are challenging the legality of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

In Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, the Norwegian Wealth Fund is re-evaluating its investments in international and Israeli companies due to possible ethics violations related to the conflict in Gaza. The fund’s scrutiny reflects growing concerns about companies implicated in activities that contravene international law, potentially leading to divestment from such entities.

The evolving dynamics of arms sales, investment policies, and diplomatic ties underscore

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