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On Tuesday morning, shares of Trump Media & Technology Group surged on their first day of trading following their merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. The newly combined company is now trading under the stock ticker “DJT,” which represents former President Donald J. Trump’s initials. The merger process began in October 2021, with delays from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations. Finally, DWAC shareholders approved the merger on Friday, leading to a surge in DWAC’s stock on Monday.

Former President Donald Trump holds approximately 80 million shares in the company, valued between $3 billion and $4 billion at the time of the merger announcement. The value is expected to increase significantly after the first day of trading on the Nasdaq.

Trump Media initially revealed plans to merge with blank check company DWAC in October 2021. Regulatory investigations into whether DWAC misled investors on talks with Trump Media delayed the process. However, despite these challenges, the company has not made any changes to the merger terms, including a six-month lock-up period that prevents shares held by the former president and major stakeholders from being sold.

The surge in stock prices for Trump Media & Technology Group may be due to several factors, including its ownership by a well-known political figure like former President Donald Trump and its association with Truth Social social network platform. Additionally, investors may see this as an opportunity to diversify their portfolio into a new market or capitalize on emerging trends in technology and media industry.

While some have speculated that Trump Media’s decision to go public is aimed at improving Trump’s financial situation as he faces mounting legal fees and penalties, it could also be seen as an opportunity for him to leverage his brand power and influence in business ventures beyond his political career.

Overall, while there are many factors contributing to the surge in stock prices for Trump Media & Technology Group, one thing is clear: this newly formed company has already made waves on Wall Street with its high profile ownership and innovative social network platform offering unique features like end-to-end encryption messaging which can attract potential users who are concerned about privacy issues.

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