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Many business leaders today recognize the importance of prioritizing sustainability and human rights. However, despite their commitment to these values, they often struggle to demonstrate the business value of their investments in these areas. This challenge has emerged as a top CEO concern, as seen in IBM’s recent survey.

To address this issue, a webinar featuring Daniel Aronson is being held. Aronson is the author of The Value of Values and founder of Valutus, a consulting firm specializing in sustainability and responsibility. In this session, he will showcase how values-driven investments can yield significant business returns.

Attendees will gain insights into how to leverage values to drive business success while also creating a sustainable future. Aronson’s practical strategies and examples will demonstrate how organizations can align their values with their business goals to achieve both societal impact and financial success. By acting on values that have a positive impact on the world, businesses can enhance their reputation, attract customers, drive innovation while also improving profitability.

Abbie Lundberg, editor-in-chief at MIT Sloan Management Review, will moderate the session and facilitate discussions on how businesses can integrate values into their strategies for long-term success. Attendees will walk away from the webinar with actionable insights and practical advice on leveraging values for business growth and impact.

The upcoming webinar promises to provide valuable insights for leaders looking to grow their businesses and enhance their careers through ethical practices. It’s an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the intersection of sustainability, human rights, and business outcomes to attend this informative session!

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