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BERGEN — Craft Cannery of Bergen has lost tens of thousands of dollars due to the closing of a client, RealEats of Geneva.

In spite of the loss of RealEats, Craft Cannery will remain in business enterprise, Tom Riggio, who co-owns the Appletree Avenue business enterprise with Paul Guglielmo, stated Friday.

“We supplied RealEats with about 5 or six distinct varieties of sauces,” Riggio stated. He noted RealEats make pre-packaged meals for its shoppers and would use Craft Cannery sauces in these meals.

Riggio stated Craft Cannery heard the announcement of RealEats’ closing earlier this month, when absolutely everyone else heard it.

“It was a shock to us. We’d been in make contact with with RealEats up to the day ahead of, scheduling production,” he stated. “We’ve been shipping them for the final year or so. Some of that solution has however to be paid for. Any solution we’ve shipped them in the final 45 days or so, we haven’t been paid for however.”

Craft Cannery also has inventory in its warehouse, the co-owner stated.

“There’s solution that they (RealEats) placed orders for that … was scheduled to ship a day or two following they announced their closure,” he stated. “We had a weekly cadence with them exactly where we would be generating solution on a weekly basis and shipping it out to them. They scheduled production for the subsequent 3 months that we had purchased raw supplies for. Some of that, we can repurpose with other shoppers, but some of that was exclusive to RealEats.”

As to the effect on Craft Cannery of RealEats closing, Riggio stated luckily, the Appletree Avenue cannery has a diverse business enterprise.

“We’ll be fine, but as a tiny business enterprise, to be tens of thousands of dollars, that hits fairly really hard for us. I do not want to place a particular figure out there,” he stated. “We’re going to have to tighten our belts a small.”

Craft Cannery will appear at donating some of the completed solution that is sitting in our warehouse to meals pantries just to get it out the door, Riggio stated. “Some of the products, we could repurpose into anything else.”

Riggio stated Craft is going to wait a small bit longer to see if RealEats can spend for any solution and will then see what its subsequent actions are.

“It was a piece of our business enterprise, but we can conveniently roll the perform that was becoming accomplished to our other clientele,” he stated. “It’s not our business enterprise that closed, Our business enterprise continues to develop.”

Media reports say 122 RealEats personnel lost their jobs. Riggio stated Geneva is a bit of a drive from Bergen, but stated Craft Cannery would like to support some of these who are without having jobs ideal now. No layoffs are planned at Craft Cannery due to the fact of the closing.

“We’re a tiny meals manufacturer that is usually hunting for people today. Possibly there’s people today that reside that way that would be prepared to sit down and speak with us. We’d be hunting in between now and the latter element of the year, we could employ six to eight people today.”

Craft Cannery will be undergoing an expansion as properly, its co-owner stated. “The plant is to have that expansion comprehensive in 2024,” he stated. The business enterprise will allocate sources and place a second production line in, and add some space in the warehouse. It would require to employ further personnel at the time, he stated.

“Right now, we’ve got about eight or 9 (personnel), so we‘re only operating 1 shift. It‘s been a struggle to come across people today to perform presently,” Riggio stated.

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