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As the new sports season begins, there is a growing need for volunteer coaches across various communities. For many children, sports serve as a safe space and an opportunity to form strong friendships. Kim Kendall, who spends hours training her son in basketball at Hester Community Center in Boynton Beach, highlights the importance of sports in both skill development and bonding between parents and children.

Kendall emphasizes the impact that youth coaches have on kids, providing them with structure, support, and belief in their abilities. Todd Johnson, administrator of the community center in Boynton Beach, mentions that despite teams being prepared to start, more volunteer coaches are still required to ensure smooth operations for the upcoming season. The need for backup coaches is also recognized to guarantee that all children can participate in sports.

In Palm Beach Gardens, Manolo Calvo, president of the Palm Beach Gardens Youth Athletic Association, stresses the role that parent volunteers play in running recreational sports. With a growing number of children participating in sports like soccer and baseball, the demand for coaches, assistants, and volunteers is high. While programs like these won’t have to cut teams due to lack of funding or resources, keeping up with the increasing interest in youth sports and ensuring quality coaching and support remains a challenge.

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