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Boeing, a leading aircraft manufacturer, has announced major changes in its leadership. The CEO of the company, Dave Calhoun, has decided to resign from his position and Larry Kellner, the chairman of the board, is also stepping down. Steve Mollenkopf will become the new chairman of Boeing and Stan Deal, CEO of the Commercial Airplanes business unit, will retire.

Calhoun’s departure was not specified in Boeing’s press release but in an interview with CNBC he stated that he made the decision to resign himself. Recent months have seen increased scrutiny on Boeing due to safety issues with its aircraft. Several incidents involving Boeing planes have raised concerns including a criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice and planes experiencing malfunctions mid-flight such as loss of part of wall of a 737 Max model. Additionally there were instances of landing gear problems and runway incidents involving Boeing aircraft.

Despite these challenges, Boeing remains committed to addressing safety concerns and ensuring the well-being of passengers. The company continues to work towards maintaining and improving the safety and reliability of its aircraft for highest standards performance.

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